Tastee Diner, Silver Spring, Maryland c.1996

The Tastee Diner is a 1946 O’Mahony, one of the arrow models from an earlier post. It moved in 2000 to make way for the new Discovery Channel building. At that point it was “restored”, its original factory kitchen was demolished, and in its new location, it serves more as an enlarged vestibule for the spacious dining rooms. These photos are from before it moved, back when it was still a true, working diner.

There’s me, about six years old.


2 thoughts on “Tastee Diner, Silver Spring, Maryland c.1996

  1. It is a shame that, although the basic physical structure was saved, it changed in so many radical ways that the community that it had so quirkily served for 40 years never felt at home there after the move. But that is one cute kid!

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