Little Tavern – East Monument St, Baltimore, MD

I had an early 1960s photo of this one, but with no caption or address. I also had a handful of addresses that I’ve pieced together from newspaper records, but which I haven’t been able to illustrate with photos yet.

A bit of hunting (it is the dinerhunter blog, after all) on googlemaps, I was able to put a location to the photo, matching the church in the background of the Black and White shot to a location. And what do you know? The Little Tavern is still there! Well- sort of. This is the most drastic Little Tavern conversion I’ve seen so far. It has been operating as a burger king for at least the past five years or so. A bit of research reveals that before that it was Bridgette Foods, and that while it had been painted red, green and yellow and partially covered with awnings and signage at that point, it was still mostly in-tact on the outside. Photos from that era can be seen here and here.

Burger King has opened up the front part of the LT with floor to ceiling glass, similar to Washington No. 26 and Baltimore No. 2. The distinctive Little Tavern peak roof has been sheared off, though part of it is still visible, attached to the adjacent building. The windows have been either filled in or covered over in the service section.

Interesting to note in this location is the extreme length in the back section over the standard Little Tavern. I wonder if this was the location of the Baltimore head offices?



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