Lincoln Diner – Gettysburg PA

This Silk City diner opened in 1955 at the corner of Carlisle St. and W. Railroad St, Gettysburg PA. It was originally called the Varsity Diner. Business must have been booming, because just five years later, in 1960, two dining rooms were added, boosting the seating by 130. As the announcement for the dining rooms says that the one pictured is the “first-floor” dining room, I assume there must have also been one in the basement.

By 1969, the diner had become George Grawe’s Cannon Cafeteria. A color postcard of the dining room of the diner from this era can be found here. It didn’t last long as the Cannon, and by 1971, it had again changed names, to the Lincoln Diner.

Over the years, the diner and its dining room addition had been encased in environmental style remodeling. In 1995 the decision was made to bring the diner back to a more 1950s look, and stainless and neon were added over top of the previous work. The photo with the motorcycle was taken just after the new stainless work was completed. The last two shots are as it appears now.



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