Twin Toddle

Yesterday was a Toddle House kind of day. Breakfast at a former Toddle House in Bethesda, MD (now Peter’s Carry Out) and lunch at a former Toddle House in Washington DC (The Steak and Egg Kitchen).

The interior of Peter’s, from a previous visit. It’s shoehorned in between two other buildings. Extremely narrow.

Both buildings are identical, built in a factory in Memphis, TN. They’ve been modified over the years, but still bear distinctive original detailing, with a high barrel roof, stainless steel based counter and patented backbar/built in refrigerator.

Exterior.I got detail shots, but somehow missed taking an overall this time around. This one from google streetview will have to suffice. They have extensive outdoor seating. The backbar was designed to service about 10 people at the stools. They were working overtime to manage everyone in and out. Very talented grillmen.

Then and Now. This pic is hanging above the counter. I’m not sure if it’s this particular location, or just a similar one from the chain. Either way, it gives an idea of what it looked like when new.



Chili Chesse hashbrowns. Hashbrowns cooked in a ring mold on the griddle.


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    • Link to Picture of Travel Lodge Toddle House Restaurant Galesburg, IL

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