Diners of Bridgeport, CT, 1942

It’s amazing how many diners there were at one time. Here’s a sampling from a directory of Bridgeport CT from 1942. Likely, some of these were storefront greasy spoons, and probably some of the “luncheonettes”, “grills”, and “lunches” in town were factory built. Looking through on google maps, the vast majority of these are now small vacant lots.

Barnum Diner – 2445 Barnum Ave.
Bell Diner – 360 John
Blue Clipper Diner – 391 Fairfield Ave
Bridgeport Flyer 1726 Fairfield Ave (1941 sterling streamliner, replaced in 1960s with a Swingle. Demolished 2008. Read more)
Bud’s Diner – 1052 North Ave
Charlie’s Diner- 2016 Fairfield Ave
East End Diner 1144 Stratford Ave
Fountain Diner – 982 Park Ave (extensively remodeled, now Five Star Pizza)
Frankie’s Diner – 1660 Barnum Ave (Silk City, replaced by a DeRaffele)
Green Comet Diner – 90 Kings Highway Cutoff (later became the Fairfield Diner (1980s)(2010))
Harry’s Diner – 605 North Ave
Jack’s Diner – 2321 Main St. (replaced by a Swingle, now New Colony Diner II)
Mac’s Diner – 1025 Barnum Ave.
Madison Diner – 716 Madison Ave.
Marge’s Diner – 1860 Barnum Ave.
Matty’s Diner – 631 Fairfield Ave
North End Diner – 700 North Ave.
Popular Diner – 1381 Stratford Ave.
The S Diner – 767 State Street
S&S Diner – 316 State Street
Slim’s Diner – 372 State Street
State Diner – 1075 State Street
Steve’s Diner – 2992 Fairfield Ave.
Stiles Diner – 1205 Barnum Ave.
Terminal Diner – 593 Post Road


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