Diners of Newark, NJ, 1920, 1935, 1942

It never ceases to amaze me how prevalent diners were at one point. From the few of these I was able to find period photos of, it would seem the “lunch wagon” notation after the names does not necessarily designate a lunch wagon of the wheeled variety, also encompassing diners.


Victor O Bodholt (lunch cart) 511 Orange
Edward Brandner (wagon) 63 Frelinghuysen
Ernest J Castwood (lunch wagon) 465 Warren
Davis Bros (lunch wagon) 448 Central Ave
Frederick S. DeGaw (lunch wagon) 56 and 73 Frelinghuysen Ave
Edward W Hammacher (lunch wagon) 425 Mulberry
Joseph Harburger 142-1/2 Market
Arthur Rogers (lunch wagon) 90 Clay
Frank Savannah (lunch wagon) 692 Frelinghuysen Ave


Astor Grill Corp (lunch wagon) 122-1/2 branford place
Charles A Bates Jr. (lunch wagon) 33 queen street
Beecher Diners Inc 14 W. Kinney
Victor O Bodholt (lunch wagon) 511 Orange
Edward J Brandner (lunch wagon) 67 Frelinghuysen Ave
Capitol Diner 208 Central Ave
Century Diner 595 Ogden
Clay-Bro Diner 338 Broad
Colonial Grill (lunch wagon) 437 Broadway
George S Davaris (lunch wagon) 652 Bergen
Millard F. Davis (lunch wagon) 194 Stuyvesant Ave
DelMonte Diner 414 Washington
Charles A Ehman (lunch wagon) 42 E Peddie
Harry Gonberg (lunch wagon) 1209 Broad
Hayes Diner Inc 21 Elizabeth Ave
Laurel Grill (lunch wagon) 457 Springfield Ave
Eli Marcus (lunch wagon) 296 Elizabeth Ave.
Military Diner 16 Park
William J Neligan (lunch wagon) 433 Bloomfield Ave
Newark Diner 78-80 Orange
Norfolk Diner 91 Norfolk
Olsen and Henninger (lunch wagon) 215 Bloomfield Ave
Park Grill (lunch wagon) 226 Elizabeth Ave
Quality Diner (lunch wagon) 855 Mt. Prospect Ave
Joseph S. Rawitz (lunch wagon) 244 Elizabeth Ave
Edward Rembert (lunch wagon) 19 Market
S and P diner 6 Wilson Ave
Schafer and Welle (lunch wagon) 950 Frelinghuysen Ave
Fred G. Scheibe (lunch wagon) 68 Jones
Frank Schmidt (lunch wagon) 5 River
Harry Scott (lunch wagon) 883 Broadway
Service Diner 425 Clinton Ave
Albert Steckmann (lunch wagon) 635 Springfield Ave
Anna Stein (lunch wagon 820 Frelinghuysen Ave
Michael Vastos 33 Bloomfield Ave
Warren Diner 105 Warren
West’s Grill (lunch wagon) 683 S. Orange Ave – A replacement is still on the site, operating as Armeta’s Restaurant.  PIC1.  PIC2
White Castle 311 Elizabeth Ave (lunch wagon)

1942. A lot of the same, but a fair number of changes.

Alpine Diner (lunch wagon) 125 Frelinghuysen Ave
Anchor Diner 67A Frelinghuysen Ave
Astor Grill Corp (diner) 122-1/2 Branford Pl
Charles A Bates Jr. (lunch wagon) 33 Queen
Blue Beacon (possible) 371 Central Ave and 21 Lincoln Pk
The Blue Bell 14-1/2 Green
Blue Ribbon Diner Co. Inc. 855 Mt. Prospect Ave
Victor Q Bodholt (lunch wagon) 511 Orange
Broad Street Diner 1104 Broad St.
Capitol Diner 208 Central Ave
Clay Bro Diner 338 Broad
Colonial Grill (lunch wagon) 437 Broadway
George S. Davaris (lunch wagon) 652 Bergen
DelMonte Diner 414 Washington
Fairmont Diner 599 Central Ave
George J Glumacopoulos (diner) 421 W. Market
Hale’s Diner 425 Ave
Ideal Diner 16 Bridge
Ideal Diner 35 River
J and K Diner 591 Frelinghuysen Ave
Jim’s Diner 53 Tichenor
Jimmie’s Diner 244 Elizabeth Ave
Liberty Diner 68 Jones
Lorrann Diner 788 S. Orange Ave
McCarter Diner 571 McCarter Highway
Military Diner 16 Park
Newark Diner 78-80 Orange
Norfolk Diner 91 Norfolk
Palace Diner 39- Raymond Blvd
Park Grill (lunch wagon) 226 Elizabeth Ave
Parkside Diner 92 E Kinney
Riordan’s Diner 685 McCarter Highway
S and P Diner 6 Wilson Ave
Frank M Schmidt (diner) 883 Broadway
Samuel Schwartz Diner 473 Frellinghuysen Ave
Sky Way Diner Inc 148 Raymond Blvd.
Steckman’s Diner 635 Springfield Ave.
Anna Stein (diner) 820 Frelinghuysen Ave
Weequahie Diner 206-308 Elizabeth Ave
West Side Diner 388 S. Orange Ave
White Castle System 311 Elizabeth Ave (diner)
Wilson Diner 205 Ferry
Windsor Diner 298 Ferry
Woodside Diner 777 Broadway


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