Home Town – Yocco’s – East Penn Diner

Every couple of months my dad and I take a trip up to Emmaus, Pennsylvania on business. Slowly but surely we’re exploring some of what the area has to offer.

Breakfast: The Home Town Diner, 8732 Hamilton Blvd Breinigsville, PA

It’s nice to see a larger ’70s diner like this which still has a strong emphasis on the counter.

Cream chipped beef, scrambled eggs, sausage, scrapple, bacon, coffee, toast, homefries

The Deraffele builder tag

The former Emmaus Diner, 1418 Chestnut St Emmaus, PA. According to this site, the diner was supposed to have reopened as the East Penn Diner about a month and a half ago.

We had lunch at Yocco’s Hot Dogs in Emmaus. The regional chain started in 1922 and now has six locations.

I love self-cannibalistic food mascots. Yocco’s not only has their anthropomorphic hot dog mascot, but the fries had a happy spud resting on his chopped up comrades.



Photos by/ copyright Michael G. Stewart.


3 thoughts on “Home Town – Yocco’s – East Penn Diner

  1. 9″x9″ tiles, Beth 😉
    I don’t think this Yocco’s location has changed since it opened in the early ’70s.

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