The Mount Vista Diner – Front Royal, VA – Wrapped and moving

Mountain View #489 started life in 1957 in Crownsville, Maryland.  In 1963, it relocated to Front Royal, VA, reopening as the Mount Vista Diner.  It stopped serving food over a decade ago, last operating as the office of a used car lot.  Recently the diner was moved off of its foundations, wrapped, and is currently sitting awaiting transport. It will be going into storage somewhere either in VA or PA shortly.

 photo 192-9295_IMG.jpg

 photo afbIMG_8430.jpg
 photo afbIMG_8431.jpg
Wrapped photos taken October 28, 3013 by Michael G. Stewart


7 thoughts on “The Mount Vista Diner – Front Royal, VA – Wrapped and moving

  1. my family actually used to run the diner. Its a sad story but we had many years of memories at the booths listening to the jukebox. please let me know where she goes..its a sad day when popeyes replaces a good home cooked meal and memories..Amara

  2. please note these pictures of the inside of Mount Vista Diner are not the actual inside the interior was not this set up and much more space between the counter and booths..I should know I grew up there…

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