Scotty’s Drive In – Idaho Falls, Idaho

Scotty’s has a nice space age look to the sign, and to the curvature of the supports for the canopy. Things get a bit visually cluttered with the retro tin signs and back-to-the-fifties theme on the inside, but on the whole it plays it pretty close to the original concept.  They make a nice drive-in burger with just the right crust to the flat-top grilled meat.
 photo DSCF4776.jpg
 photo DSCF4777 Stitch.jpg
 photo DSCF4780.jpg


1 thought on “Scotty’s Drive In – Idaho Falls, Idaho

  1. While I have enjoyed the photos and comments on your tour of the upper Midwest I think I
    Would pass on the “new Scottys Jalapino Burger”. Somehow it just doesn’t say Idaho to me. Keep up the good work.

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