Bannack, Montana

Bannack was founded in 1862 after the discovery of gold, and was Montana’s first capitol in 1864. Its population slowly dwindled, finally being fully abandoned in the 1960s. Other than a few repairs, the town is more or less as it appeared, with no restoration, leaving a wonderful record of its different periods through the many layers of updates, of 1930s cardboard insulation on the walls covered in layer after layer of wallpaper. A town of textures, of ghosts of the past. It’s a great setup, where the buildings are all open to poke around inside (just please close to door behind you). I’ve never hit it at peak tourist season and have thoroughly enjoyed every experience when I’ve been there when you can appreciate its desolation.

 photo edit bannack exteriors 2.jpg

 photo edit bannack exteriors 1.jpg

 photo edit bannack textures.jpg

More textures
 photo edit bannack textures 1.jpg


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