Washington Little Tavern No. 2 (1929) to be demolished


Little Tavern no. 2, which opened in February of 1929, will be demolished soon to make way for a 21 unit apartment building.  The building has been remodeled and partially encased in add ons over the years, and its heritage as a former Little Tavern has been all but forgotten. As one of the earliest, it was built before the introduction of the tudor cottage style which would come to define the chain. It shows the clear influence of White Castle’s early designs, which were widely imitated (White Tower springs to mind). It is one of three of these castle style LTs still standing, though one of the other two was subsequently remodeled in tudor style, and the other was only in the chain from 1928 to 1935. There has been outcry over the demolition owing to the recently painted Chuck Brown mural on the former front of the building.

It is located at 3701 New Hampshire Ave. NW Washington DC.

 photo Little-Tavern-SL-3-copy.jpg
Image courtesy Charlene Clark

The LT was expanded out to the right at some point and the door filled in. But the wall to the left is still recognizable, and the window in Chuck Brown’s chin is the original front window.
 photo 3703 New Hampshire Ave NW   Google Maps - Copy.png


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