A&G Junior, New Orleans, LA

Another one from my collection, this shot was featured in a Valentine sales portfolio. It was installed next door to the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans sometime between 1940 and 1945. The dating means it was likely made by the Hayes Equipment Manufacturing Company rather than Valentine Manufacturing There are gaps in the digitized New Orleans city directories, so for the time being that’s as close as I can narrow it down.  It’s an unusual style, art deco meets adobe, with arched doorway buttresses on either side of the main unit and decorative representations of logs at the roof line. Despite these ornamental surface decorations, the overall outline of an early Valentine is unmistakable and this one proves just how easily adaptable they were.

Image (1842) 01 border small watermarkImage (1842) 01 - Copy - Copy small watermarkScan 130 - Copy watermarkScan 130 - Copy (3) watermark


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