The Columbia Drive In Theatre

Another one from the archives- the Columbia Drive In, Columbia, PA. This photo is from March 2004. The drive in would only last one more season, closing in 2005. It is now gone.



2 thoughts on “The Columbia Drive In Theatre

  1. Hi, Diner Hunter, Spencer Stewart!

    Marybelle Beigh, Westfield NY Town and Village Historian here…

    Thanks for continuing to send photos of diners and other structures …

    WOW! Today’s photo of the Columbia Drive in Theatre reminds me of how the Drive-In Theater at Westfield NY looked in its later years…

    Except that they had built a motel off to the side near the highway and it was called the Theater Motel…

    There was a building – I think it was part of the theater and part of the motel at the bottom of the big screen…

    Somewhere I have some photos of the drive-in and motel in its/their heyday as well as some of the drive-in part after it had closed down and was deteriorating – looking a lot like this one… The screen and all the theater stuff is long gone, now…

    When I came back to Westfield in 2003 (I’d left in 1962), there was a restaurant across the front parking area from the motel, but even that became defunct within a couple years… They called it the Starlite Diner and used the old sign from a diner/tourist cottage complex that was about a quarter of a mile west and across Route 20/Main Street from the old Drive In… I took a photo of that sign around the time that the restaurant closed, when I was doing research on all the diners that were in and out of Westfield over the years from about 1909 to the present… we only have the Main Diner left at the corner of Main Street and Elm Street in downtown Village of Westfield NY. Did you ever visit or photograph that diner?

    Also, would you want copies of the old photos for any of your archives or do you just keep the ones you’ve visited and photographed?

    I’m working on putting together and self-publishing a booklet about all the diners I either knew or located in my research… I’ve worked with Mike Engle, a diner historian who lives in Troy NY… a request of info from him several years ago, and a comment about our diner and another building he thought might have been a diner, got me started into the history of diners in Westfield NY. So am wondering if you ever visited Westfield’s Main Diner or have any old photos or information about any of our historic diners?

    Thanks again, and hoping to hear from you… (I hope this email goes through ok… )

    Marybelle Beigh, Westfield Town & Village Historian

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