Curtis’ Famous Weiners

Yesterday, I hit up Curtis’ Coney Island Famous Weiners, a hot dog place located at 35 North Liberty Street Cumberland MD. It’s been around since 1918.

The outside. Faded Coke sign. Hand painted lettering.


Dogs in a row



Great signage. Look at the prices as well. You don’t see Cherry Smash or Chocolate Rickeys much; at least not where I live.


A good hot dog is a thing of beauty




8 thoughts on “Curtis’ Famous Weiners

  1. I am traveling from Colorado to West Virginia on Saturday by way of Washington, DC. My travels will take me through Cumberland, and I intend to grab a couple of coney’s at Curtis’. I lived there in the 1970s, and loved them. Last time I was through Cumberland, I blogged about them, but didn’t have time to stop in. Saturday, I rectify that.

  2. My parents are both from Cumberland, and whenever we go up to visit family I have to stop in for one with sauce, a cherry smash, and an order of fries! Absolutely delicious! It’s basically a historical landmark in Cumberland! If you pass through and don’t stop you’re definitly missing out!

  3. Best Dogs in any town. The special sauce is the trick. Noone makes em’ like Curtis’. I’ve loved this place since the early 70’s. Haven’t been for a long time but, you’ve got my attention. Gotta get back there.

  4. Here is a link to a discussion of the wiener / weiner question – it’s quite interesting
    I went to Frostburg from 1978 – 1980 but never heard about this place until my son called me & said he was driving through Frostburg / Cumberland & wondered about a good place to eat. Not having been in that area for 30 years, I looked up on the internet to find this place is rated #1 in Cumberland – I’ll have to take a trip out there soon to try it out.

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  6. I went to school in Frostburg 69-73 and had completely forgotten about this place until I saw it on Maryland Public television.. I’ll be heading up there soon. Is the hoagie place still there as well? best sandwich I’ve ever had..started with a ‘G”. can’t remember though the name.

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