Western Maryland Trip – 2008

This blog’s first posts were from this trip, but I never got around to posting the rest of the photos.

I took this trip shortly after graduation in early summer of 2008. We didn’t have any definite stops along the way, but managed to find some amazing old buildings. Architecturally, the area is much as it seems to have been in the early 20th century, although now many of the buildings are abandoned.


East Side School

Cumberland, MD

Broken vitrolite facade

Republican Club

Abandoned house

No trespassing in the tree.

the b


Curtis’ Famous Weiners

Yesterday, I hit up Curtis’ Coney Island Famous Weiners, a hot dog place located at 35 North Liberty Street Cumberland MD. It’s been around since 1918.

The outside. Faded Coke sign. Hand painted lettering.


Dogs in a row



Great signage. Look at the prices as well. You don’t see Cherry Smash or Chocolate Rickeys much; at least not where I live.


A good hot dog is a thing of beauty