Venus Diner – Gibsonia, PA / Cleveland, OH

Here is a photo of mine, of the Venus Diner, shortly before it was moved from Gibsonia, PA to Cleveland, Ohio by Steve Harwin of Diversified Diners. It is for sale on their website.


Here’s how it appears, more recently, awaiting restoration in Ohio.

Some more pictures of it, taken when it was open, can be found here.


26 thoughts on “Venus Diner – Gibsonia, PA / Cleveland, OH

  1. Hope that the Venus Diner can be restored to its former glory. Remembered eating there on many occasions when it was in Gibsonia, PA.

      • My friends used to go to the Venue Diner when we were in high school. Would love to re-visit the diner in OHIO. What is your current physical address? Can plug it into my GPS

      • this diner is now to become reincarnated as the HI LO diner on east lake street And 41 st ave so minneapolis mn, its MY OLD NEIGBIRHOOD almost ready to open in march or april 2016 here …ITS A GEM
        just went by it yesterday ALL LOOKING GOOD AND SNAZZY

  2. I liked going to the diner. When my parents would visit from Ohio we always when to the diner for lunch. Glad to see that it is being taken care of and may soon be serving a new generation of patrons.

  3. Look forward in seeing the Venus diner back in PA – what they did w/ it in Minneapolis was terrible & the name change is a disgrace. (The Venus diner should have been marked as an historic landmark) – not disgraced and left behind only to be moved to Cleveland Ohio then bought up and moved to Minneapolis.

    The Venus Diner deserves better, and will one day have that chance to continue business under its old name 🙂

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