Venus Diner – Gibsonia, PA / Cleveland, OH

Here is a photo of mine, of the Venus Diner, shortly before it was moved from Gibsonia, PA to Cleveland, Ohio by Steve Harwin of Diversified Diners. It is for sale on their website.


Here’s how it appears, more recently, awaiting restoration in Ohio.

Some more pictures of it, taken when it was open, can be found here.


Peppi’s Diner- Pittsburgh, PA

Peppi’s is a “National” diner built in the 1940s. It was originally Scotty’s Diner. It is currently operating as a location of Peppi’s Old Tyme Sandwich Shop, but it is still very much a diner in setup and feel. Most importantly, the food is still cooked behind the counter. When I was there, I had one of the best cheesesteaks I had ever eaten. The food is truly delicious. The diner itself is a little rough around the edges, as you can see, especially the outside panels, but it has character. Photobucket

The interior is a beauty of design, with the geometric patterns in the formica, the stainless work, seen here, photo by Brian Butko, or the winged clock, seen here. It’s interesting that the door frames are still very old style dark stained wood with molding. The diner has original tiny bathrooms to the right, as you can see in the exterior shot from the window delete.


The diner is located at 7619 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA