Coventry Diner

Here’s a photo taken several years ago of Pennsylvania’s Coventry Diner, a later Silk City which has undergone remodeling.

The four windows on the right are part of an addition. From that part left is the original diner.



1 thought on “Coventry Diner

  1. Hi! I owned the Coventry Diner it was tag #6671. which is shown on your site. It was destroyed by a fire in 2005. kitchen was totally destroyed. The original silk city diner portion was intact except a small portion of the back wall which the firefighters hacked thru. unfortually i sold the land to WaWa
    and watched the diner being demolished by a large bulldozer. which had a hard time destroying the diner. I wanted to save the diner part and move it to a new location but couldn’t get the funds to do it. Ricky Gresh, owner of the Coventry Diner

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