Silk City Diner Tags

The Paterson Vehicle Company produced Silk City Diners from 1927 until 1964. Here are examples of some of the styles of tags they used to identify their products.

All photos (c) Spencer Stewart, may not be reused without permission.



Coventry Diner

Here’s a photo taken several years ago of Pennsylvania’s Coventry Diner, a later Silk City which has undergone remodeling.

The four windows on the right are part of an addition. From that part left is the original diner.


Paterson, New Jersey

Here are some of the diners which I took pictures of in Paterson, New Jersey, once home of the Paterson Vehicle Company, builder of Silk City Diners.

Erfed Remodel.  If you have a copy of Dick Gutman’s The American Diner then and now, you will have seen pictures of this diner from when it was an on site, from when it was diner-ized, and from when the addition was put on .  This is how it looks now, a bit faded.


Only a few doors down, to the left of the Nicholas diner is a 1950s Silk City, once Chappy’s, but I can’t seem to find my pictures of it.

The Egg Platter Diner, a Master