The Trail Diner- New Milford PA

I took these photos Trail Diner, Rt 11, New Milford, PA. back in 2004. It’s a c.1948 Mountain View. At that point it was pretty beat up with wood repairs done to the stainless and what appeared to be garbage bags covering the windows. I believe it was out of business at that point, though there were cars in the parking lot. As of 2013, it was looking about 9 years the worse for wear.


19936 US 11 Google Maps



6 thoughts on “The Trail Diner- New Milford PA

  1. Anyone: Especially Mike; is this the same diner that was a couple of miles past Nicholson on Route 11 years ago. My Brother and I are trying to find out what happened to that roadside diner. Thanks for your time and consideration.
    Johnny Talpas; I love those old diners.

  2. Johnny,

    No. Unfortunately it is not.

    I regret that I never stopped there. When I first moved to the Southern Tier of New York(late 2001), I took US 11 to Scranton, and for some reason, I got really nervous passing the diner you’re thinking of, (I think it looked crowded, sigh) so I didn’t stop. I was not that much into diners at the time, maybe 40% of what I am now. Well, next time I passed the location, maybe a year later, the diner was gone. I heard that the car dealer next door bought the land and demolished the diner.

  3. As far as I know the Trail Diner is still standing. I will take pictures in July, it is my hometown. I stopped at the place plenty of times on my way home to play poker, other games whatever they had. The roaches were quicker than any server … could pass a salt shaker to you!

    After the flood few years back,”the flatlands” never recovered. 5 years, or so later. They still have streets in town that are closed! But yeah, no saving the place.

    The flood did not ruin it though. A lot of the people that stopped in, worked in the local stone quarries, most in that area of “town” are closed.

    New Milford is mainly bars and churches. I’ll ask if Cosmello’s (the car dealer / junk yard) knocked it down, and will get back to you. Actually, talking online to a person that still lives in the area, it is still standing.

    I saw it myself in Jan. 2010. It is about a mile from my families old houses, that got swept away in the flood! (Thought I was crazy for a second, wasn’t sure if I saw it standing the trip before))

    A diner not far from New Milford, was torched not too long ago, and the Trail Diner has had fire damage.

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