DiNic’s- Ex White Tower- NJ/WV

This New Jersey White Tower was one of the rare ones built by the Valentine Diner company. Under threat of destruction, it was moved to West Virginia by John Shoaf.




Next door was the beautiful Harwan Movie theater, which as I understand it, is no more.






9 thoughts on “DiNic’s- Ex White Tower- NJ/WV

  1. The Kansas Historical Society is updating its website on Valentine Diners, and has used one of your images on its DiNic’s page (see URL, above). We also have linked back to your blog. Please let us know if you’d prefer that the link and photo be removed from our site.

    Thanks for your efforts at preserving diner history.

  2. YES
    MR. Roney and his wife ROSE worked for White Tower…when they sold the WT’s Roney’s bought the one in Mt Ephriam and the one in Collingswood
    . Actually RONEY’s real last names were TONY.the WT were going to be called TONY’s…but too generic to get any name recognition…so MRS.ROSE TONY became
    He died but she still lives in Blackwood section just south of Mt Ephriam
    She gave me some of the original plates used here
    the WT DINERWARE(cups,plates,etc) used at this site
    was made by CARR CHINA in GRAFTON WV
    just 25 miles from where the MT EPHRIAM WT now resides in Morgantown WV
    BOTH WT’s were sold but the Collingswoiod one retained the RIONEY signature
    the one in Collingswood is set for demolition aswespeak as they are widening rt 130 at that point

  3. Thank you for posting these pictures. I remember going to the harwan for midnight showings of the rocky horror picture show back in mid 90s. The dinics place came in the early 2000s and were only there a few years before the Walgreens pushed them out.

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