Rib & Sirloin Restaurant / Sandwich Shoppe – Pulaski, VA

Driving down the highway outside of Pulaski, VA, we spotted the big neon for this place poking through the trees. I couldn’t get the camera out fast enough to snap it, so we took the exit and drove around a bit, until we found it. The motel is still there, though it’s closed. The restaurant isn’t visible from the road, and it’s on private property, so please don’t go searching for it

The motel was once the Days Inn. The last review of it is dated September, 2008, so it closed fairly recently. The restaurant, however, has been closed and abandoned for a bit longer. It is currently condemned. Going by a class of 1963 35th reunion banner still hanging in the restaurant, it’s safe to say that the place closed in 1998 or so.

It’s a great ’60s colonial Howard Johnson’s type place, with avocado green stools and a great rooftop neon.

Overgrown parking lot


Sandwich Shoppe

Blue Paint

Red paint

Shots of the interior. Sorry about the glare, they’re through the windows.


Left Side Dining Room.

Inside dining room. The “Forever Young” DHS class of 1963 35th Reunion. Possibly Dublin High School?
Candles and coffee mugs still on the tables. Ceiling is caving in.

Abandoned Road


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