Barber Shop- Wytheville, VA

Stopped in the town of Wytheville, VA for lunch yesterday. Wandered around a little bit, and spotted this old rusty barber shop sign. Went down the side street to get pictures of it, found that it was open and there were no customers. So I went in. The barber, still in the traditional white smock, asked what I wanted. I explained that I was into the whole ’30s/’40s thing, and that that’s how I wanted it. He responded, “so just a normal haircut, then”, and set to work, working almost entirely with the electric clippers. He worked without the length attachments on the clippers, and only used the comb to hold the hair away from my head, not as a guide. Great haircut, neat experience, and only $6.





7 thoughts on “Barber Shop- Wytheville, VA

  1. I used to get my haircut there as a kid….we all joked that they only had 2 bowl sizes…short and long hair.

  2. Hello Dinerman, imagine my surprise when I came across this blog, while searching “1940s barbershop”! I just started a blog myself on barbering, so it’s really cool to see your post.

    I did see this blog before, but now I am subscribed so I can keep up to speed. I love your type of diners. I have some great stories about Sarges, NYC.

  3. Glad you like the site. I’ll try to get some pics next time I go get my hair cut- my barber shop here in Halifax dates back to the ’20s (as do most of the customers). Really neat little place.

    Nice blog you’ve got. Really a disappearing piece of history.

  4. I was so delighted to see the pictures. My uncle owned and operated a Barber Shop in Wytheville his entire adult life. Not sure what happened to it after he was gone which has been several years now. The pictures sure look like it but I was only there a couple of times when I want to Va on vacation.

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