A-1 Diner- Gardiner, Maine

The A-1 is one of my all time favorite diners. Great food with an excellent selection served in a beautifully maintained Worcester semi-streamliner in a unique location.

After debating between the South of the Border Burger (with chili and pepperjack) and the North of the Border Burger (with cheese and Canadian Bacon), I picked the North, I figured it was appropriate. My dad got a plain hamburger.
The burgers were big and juicy, the fries were fresh and hand-cut. For dessert we had a slice of oreo cheesecake.

Front of diner with flowerboxes.





A-1 Diner website


2 thoughts on “A-1 Diner- Gardiner, Maine

  1. Hey Dinerman,
    Thanks for the great review . Glad you enjoyed yourself and honored to be near the top of your list. Please stop in and say hello anytime you’re in the area as we would love to meet you !
    Neil and Mike ( co-owners A 1 Diner )

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