7 thoughts on “Pyrofax Gas Service – Maine

  1. I grew up in Winter Harbor, Maine and I believe that is the sign I have passed all my life…It always intrigued me and always wanted to ask who owned it and if they wanted to sell it. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Yes – it is definitely in Hancock County South of Ellsworth. I took basically the same shot (a little wider angle to include the house), the day after this one was posted. Total coincidence, as I just saw your photo today while looking up info on Pyrofax. Neat sign though. Also interesting is the painted sign above the door of the house connected to the structure in the photo: Joshua 24 – 15.

  3. Every time i travel by this sign i make it a point to check it out. Well i just went by it today and decided i would look online when i got home to see if there was any of these online or any other pics. Got excited when i saw a pic of one just like it, than figured out it was the one. lol such a cool sign though.

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