Luther Reason Ray

The Circle Theatre
Luther R. Ray Architect
Vitrolite Products Washington
created 1935

The Circle was located at 2105 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. It was torn down in the 1980s.
In his younger days, my dad took advantage of their low priced ticketbook – also popular with homeless in the area.

I wonder if Ray was an Eddie Cantor fan?

More info on the Circle

The theater name isn’t on this one- can anyone identify it? Likely in DC, possibly in Maryland. Probably long since bulldozed.

According to the plan, the front would be walnut agate vitrolite, precast stone and stainless.


Hahn’s Shoes
The placement of all the windows and dimensions look almost identical to their 1891 store at 7th and K streets Washington, which burned in 1937.
Source: Shorpy

Alterations to the Hilltop Market – Meats – Groceries
Hilltop Market, 5706 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.


Carr Bros and Boswell
71 Maryland Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland


Super A&P market


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