Little Tavern Design

The first Washington DC Little Tavern, located at 814 E Street, NW, opened its doors in 1928. It appears the site is now the home of a twelve story apartment building and a Bank of Georgetown.

Early Little Taverns seem to have had a design similar to that of 1920s White Castles and White Towers.

By 1931, the Tudor Cottage Design had been adopted


In 1937, it was updated with a bit more of a moderne syle

Typical Plans and detail


A design from 1949

And a later, simplified design. What I’ve found on this one points to a date of construction in 1974
This one was found in Silver Spring, Maryland until relatively recently. When it was torn down, it had been painted yellow and was operating as a Chinese restaurant.


6 thoughts on “Little Tavern Design

  1. That was the Bethesda one. It’s still there.

    The one in that picture is one of the two that used to be in downtown Silver Spring. The picture’s a good 20-some years old, one of my dad’s, from when it still was part of the chain.

  2. Diner Hunter: I came across your articles on Little Tavern Shops, which included our posted information in Wikipedia. I thank you for your time
    and attention to same. In response to all that is written about the passing
    of Little Tavern Shops, the small size concepted is dead. However Little Tavern is not. As the Wikipedia Article states, we are moving ahead and will be opening New Stores in the MD-DC Area in the near future. we have retained every thing related to the past Little Taverns, from Design, Looks, Colors and Signage, including Pictures of the past & Harry F. Duncan, which will be incorporated in the Store’s and Marketing. I noticed some where in Your acticles about the Little Tavern Mugs. We have the Orginal One, which is being re-made and will be available for sale at reasonable Price. James E. Cumbest Jr. T/A Little Tavern Shop LLC. 410-661-4394 Fax 410-66-4397

  3. James,
    When can we expect the first of the new Taverns to open, and will you be constructing new locations or using existing store-fronts?

  4. the 2 lil taverns I frequented the most were both on Georgia Avenue: one was a few blocks north of the DC line (which we would hit after Shepherd Park closed) and the other was near Viers Mill Rd in Wheaton;
    good burgers, really hit the spot after a night of beer

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