The Rebirth of Little Tavern?

I received this message today and thought it was best to share it as a post, rather than let it become buried in with the rest of the comments which have been posted on this blog.

In response to all that is written about the passing of Little Tavern Shops, the small size concept is dead.

However Little Tavern is not. . .We are moving ahead and will be opening New Stores in the MD-DC Area in the near future. We have retained every thing related to the past Little Taverns, from Design, Looks, Colors and Signage, including Pictures of the past & Harry F. Duncan, which will be incorporated in the Stores and Marketing.

I noticed somewhere in Your acticles about the Little Tavern Mugs. We have the Orginal One, which is being re-made and will be available for sale at reasonable Price.

James E. Cumbest Jr. T/A Little Tavern Shop LLC. 410-661-4394 Fax 410-66-4397


11 thoughts on “The Rebirth of Little Tavern?

  1. Oh what joy! Can it really be true?

    Be still my heart – or maybe not considering that I ate my share of “Lil Tav” pucks in Wheaton, MD, back around 1980.

    It would be great to see Little Taverns back in operation again. After all, the DC metro area has lost so many of its fine, old line dining establishments over the years – Lion d’ Or, Domenique’s, A.V. Ristorante, Little Tavern. Cruel, cruel blows…

    Sure hope the Tav rumors are for real!

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  3. The Re-birth is alive and well! It hasen’t happened….yet. Plans are being finalized for licensing agreements and they will be ready VERY SOON!

  4. I notice a website…

    Stephen H, I would add Bassins (two locations) and for Art Buchwald fans, the Sans Souci near Lafayette Park. And is the “Old Ebbit Grill” really the same in its current incarnation? Oh, and the downtown DC Waffle Shops (last one opposite Ford’s Theater) are gone–the one in Arlandria may be the only one left. (Okay, I eat lower down the food scale than you do.)

    • Their website is still up, but six years in, nothing is open, and the reports I have heard from people who have inquired about franchising have been overwhelmingly negative.

  5. Worked for LT in mid-late ’60’s . Belvedere ave (Pimloco location), the block (Baltimore St. North Ave , etc. Great Youth experience. Was working during the ’68 riots in Balto. Any other ex- employees around?

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