Little Tavern Stools

Today was a big day for my Little Tavern collection. I picked up four new mugs, and eight stools. Three of the mugs are Jackson, one is Shenango. Four of the stools are from Washington No. 9 (1932, 5100 Georgia Ave NW) and four from Washington No. 15 (1936, 1200 Good Hope Rd SE).





The Rebirth of Little Tavern?

I received this message today and thought it was best to share it as a post, rather than let it become buried in with the rest of the comments which have been posted on this blog.

In response to all that is written about the passing of Little Tavern Shops, the small size concept is dead.

However Little Tavern is not. . .We are moving ahead and will be opening New Stores in the MD-DC Area in the near future. We have retained every thing related to the past Little Taverns, from Design, Looks, Colors and Signage, including Pictures of the past & Harry F. Duncan, which will be incorporated in the Stores and Marketing.

I noticed somewhere in Your acticles about the Little Tavern Mugs. We have the Orginal One, which is being re-made and will be available for sale at reasonable Price.

James E. Cumbest Jr. T/A Little Tavern Shop LLC. 410-661-4394 Fax 410-66-4397