The New Eat Well Family Diner

We hit this diner in early 2006, just before it moved to New York, where it was restored and reopened as the Elizaville Diner. It was built in 1956 by Kullman.

Siding additions to the vestibule obscure the stainless and a tin mansard roof disguises space-age eaves.

Turquoise and stainless

Canted corner and rounded glass

Join us for breakfast

Jefferson Golden Hour Mystery Clock




“Atomic Bongo” stools

15 year old me with cream chipped beef.

Restored and on the cover of Diners of New York, by Mike Engle and Mario Monti

5 thoughts on “The New Eat Well Family Diner

  1. We ate at the Eatwell in Lebanon many, many times…I grew up here and I’m now 62…Miss it a lot because it was convenient to home but we still have 4 stainless diners within 5 miles of the front door and can still get french fries with gravy anytime…It looks good.

  2. Sorry to have moved the diner away from you, but it was near being demolished. I saw what it could be once restored. At least now you know it is in great hands. It is situated above a large pond and the view is beautiful. If you ever can come up to see it restored, your meal is on me.

  3. who owns the eatwell diner now/? the people that owned it here were greek i,m sure they were friends with andy vitis he had a store at 3rd and cumberland st.

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