Mel’s Diner/ Lincoln Diner – Lebanon, PA

Permanent metal awning and supports have been added to the front of the diner, partially obscuring the roofline.

Reflection of the neon. I’m guessing when the diner was new it had horizontal bands of stainless and flexglas. It appears to have been replaced, or at the least, covered over, with vertical mustard colored metal bits. I don’t feel it detracts terribly from the design, however, evoking the fluted enamel facades of earlier diners.

Side and corner

“Mel’s” sign covering the original “Lincoln”

Quality food

That means you.

With the exception of updated backbar equipment, the interior is still very original.

Seeburg Consolette

New stool tops?


In our line we lead the world

What a terrible haircut.

6 thoughts on “Mel’s Diner/ Lincoln Diner – Lebanon, PA

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  3. Does anyone have old pictures of the Lincoln Diner? I have someone that may have the original
    lettering that sat on the building.

      • My friend has both signs “Lincoln Diner”, the diner you have is exacly like his.
        I have been doing research and the only think I found is a matchbook from the Lincoln Diner in Lebanon PA. Now Mel’s.

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