Donut Dinette

Here’s a small southern chain, a few of the buildings are still around and recognizable, though most have by this point been torn down. I haven’t thought about these in two years, but was generously reminded this evening so I thought I’d put up these archival photos, taken by Michael G. Stewart , mostly in the 1970s and 1980s.

For more info on their history and for other locations, check out the Roadsidenut website, the incredible work of Debra Jane Seltzer.

The Falls Church, Virginia Location, operating as George’s Diner / George’s Deli

And more recently as Victor’s Grill

The Front Royal, VA location as the Do-Nut Diner

The Front Royal location c. 2003 as the Fox Diner (since torn down). I submitted photos of this one to Zippy the Pinhead the first time I was there. A few years later I returned and there was a local news story hanging on the wall with a very angry tone to the effect of “what is this strange comic strip and how did they find us- why won’t they leave us alone!” It was all very funny. The owners when it was the fox made it one of the best diners in the region (even if it isn’t a true diner). The owners from before it was torn down gave it all the atmosphere and charm of a McDonalds. They didn’t get what they had and didn’t seem to get the area or their customers.

And though I don’t have super old photos of this one, here is a shot of the Winchester, VA location, which, when the photo was taken, had the signage from the Donut Castle up, though it had been bought and was operating at the Seoul Garden Cafe. It is now the North Loudoun Diner.

Patent Art

Archival postcard of a Donut Dinette.


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  2. The Falls Church location is now a Bolivian restaurant (Fanny’s). There was one in Alexandria. This is a picture of the interior from 1954:

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