Donut Dinette


The 1307 W. Franklin Ave., Gastonia, NC Donut Dinette opened in 1948. By that point, Donut Dinette had locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and Florida. At that point, the chain had roughly 30 locations throughout the Southeastern states. The chain was headquartered in Charlotte, NC. The locations were independently owned, but were supplied with special donut mix by the chain. There was a second location in Gastonia, located at the “Belmont Crossroads”.

The 141 East Front St., Statesville, NC location opened in July 1948. The building measured 24’x24′, was fully clad in aluminum, with stainless steel fixtures and stools for ten.

The 429 W. Palmetto location opened in November of 1948, and was open 24 hours a day. It served Barbecue, Breakfasts, Steaks, Chops and sandwiches in addition to the standard fare of donuts.

There was a location at 111 North Church St., Burlington, NC.

For more locations, mostly in Virginia, please refer to this previous post.

And for an older color photo, please see this page.
For a location in Vienna, VA, see this page.


2 thoughts on “Donut Dinette

  1. My Grand Mother and Grandfather owned a Do nut Dinette in Statesville, NC around 1951. I wish I knew if this was the one.

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