New Silver Diner- Rockville, MD

Here’s the new Silver Diner, replacing the 1989 Kullman a couple blocks down Rockville Pike. If you scroll back a couple of pages, there are some pics of it under construction.




2 thoughts on “New Silver Diner- Rockville, MD

  1. Well it sure looks bright and shiny and new, and I LOVE all the neon … but my experiences with these modern, “faux” diners have been mixed. Sometimes they seem to be thematically contrived, with burgers named after Elvis and James Dean and stuff like that. I’d still be willing to give this new place a try, though.

    • I seem to have spoken too soon. This is simply another “Silver Diner” location. I’ve seen this chain before. It’s a lot like TGIFridays or Ruby Tuesdays, just wrapped in a shiny, diner-like package. Give me a good old greasy spoon any day, preferably with at least half a century of grease fumes and cigarette smoke.

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