Rainbow Diner- Rippon, WV

This old diner’s barely noticeable if you’re cruising down the road and don’t know it’s there. Bad exterior renovation’s will do that I guess.

But if you stripped it all away, you’d find a c.1948 Mountain View with vibrant red fluting and the giant cowcatcher corners. We didn’t stop this time around. A couple of years we did, and weren’t too impressed with the food. But like I say, that was a while ago, so nowadays, who knows?

Definitely worth a stop and a cup of coffee to see the interior, though. It’s mostly in-tact, but the entire ceiling has been covered in big trucking company logo stickers and decals, going back quite a long ways. It’s a diner that knows its audience and caters to it. Even though it may mask some of the original details- it’s actually pretty cool- gives it a sense of individuality and character.




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