Snow White Grill

My dad, my girlfriend and I took a little roadtrip down to Winchester a couple of days ago to see the sights. Pretty country on the drive down and back. There’ll be more pics shortly of all that, don’t you worry.

The Snow White Grill’s an old mini-burger place, along the lines of White Tower, Little Tavern and so many others. It was designed by the same firm that had the Little Tavern contract for years. Change the colors from blue and white to green and white and they’d be almost identical, other than the location.

I made the incredibly healthy selection of three burgers and cheese fries. Incredible little deathballs fresh out of the drawer. Ooey Gooey onioney hamburger deliciousness- with a slice of pickle and mustard.

The place is tiny and was packed the whole time we were there- a great sign for its continued survival. Behind the counter it’s just one little hamburger making machine. A limited menu, but does it ever satisfy!

More on the Grill
Snow White Grill Website
Anna and me.





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