Mike and Travis’s Mountain Shadows Restaurant

The Mountain Shadows Restaurant is a rare Master built diner. It was built c.1950, and has been owned by Mike and Travis since 1981. A picture of them, c.1981, graces the front of the vestibule.


The diner has a brick kitchen addition and dining room addition. A roof has been added later on, which, though it doesn’t obscure any of the facade of the diner itself, drastically changes the look of the place.

Blue transom windows. Old metal awnings.

The owner of the diner.

Inside, the diner is pretty original. The booths have been replaced and the counter re-done.

Really nice stainless work by the menu board. I particularly like the blue flex-glas surrounds to the menus. These diners have a distinctive roofline.

Replacement brown formica and brown tilework

Open faced breaded Veal, mashed potatoes, applesauce, dinner roll and a pepsi.

14954 Buchanon Tr E/Rte 16, Blue Ridge Summit, PA


3 thoughts on “Mike and Travis’s Mountain Shadows Restaurant

  1. Under that gravy lies a breaded veal cutlet. Mighty tasty. And the whole thing- veal, mashed potatoes, applesauce, drink, came out to $5.50, I believe.

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