PA Signage

Overbrook Cafe- York, PA

Take a look at the “Food” neon sign. On the left hand side of the sign, the tubing alternately reads “good” and “food”. The remains of the broken “G” are still visible on the right hand side of the sign. The restaurant itself isn’t much to look like anymore- mansard roof, faux-tudor upper band and brick lower band. Apparently, the Cafe has been around since at least the 1940s.


Print-o-stat – York, PA
This is the corporate headquarters of the printostat company. Great plastic and metal tower sign.


Snow Palace- York, PA
Nice older 3-D sign. Probably originally neon.

Bill Boring – York, PA
Photos on Flickr show this neon still works.

Cold Cases – York, PA

Coach Light Family Restaurant – Shrewsbury, PA

Mason Dixon Oil Company, Emmitsburg, MD
Not so much the signage, but an interesting conglomeration of buildings.


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