Art’s Diner – Hyattsville and Washington

Art’s Diner, Rt. 1, Hyattsville, MD, a 1934 O’Mahony. Demolished or moved long ago.


2 thoughts on “Art’s Diner – Hyattsville and Washington

  1. I am so sorry this is not still around.
    BTW..can you find out about a diner that used to be in Hastings, Florida. That’s all I remember except that when we ate there Daddy called it a “greasy spoon.”

  2. I’ve done some photo diner research locally when I was working with Susan and have some info you may be interested in. Have you ever checked out the Washingtoniana Collection at th Martin Luther King DC Public Library? There is some interesting stuff there. Plus, I’ve found diners in the FSA collection at the LC.

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