Still With Us – Jimmy’s Diner, Auburn, Maine

You’ve probably all seen the postcards of Jimmy’s No. 1 Diner, sitting at a right angle to a white, later brick gas station. I can find newspaper records of Jimmy’s going back to at least 1934, so it’s an old one. I’m not sure whether it’s factory built or an on-site construction with sensitivity to what was coming out of the factories at the time (i.e. Nick’s Good Food Diner in Front Royal, VA) . The differences in the shape and type of windows in the first post card, from tall, narrow ones on the left (diner) and the wider ones on the left (addition) make me think that it could have been an off-site construction. It was remodeled several times, encased in brick, covered with a roof, windows changed, and entirely obscured. The gas station was enlarged, bricked over, and sprouted an extra story. I’ll be back up in Auburn in a couple weeks, so hopefully I can see if there’s anything recognizable through the windows.

There was a second Jimmy’s Diner at 188 Court St. Auburn, ME as of 1938. James LaRou opened Jimmy’s gas station in 1928 and later branched out to at least one other diner and five other gas stations.


5 thoughts on “Still With Us – Jimmy’s Diner, Auburn, Maine

  1. This is so strange to find. Jimmy married my mom’s Aunt Aldea ( and just so have it, I have the same bday as Aldea ) I have so many pictures of them, but never met them… Uncle Jimmy died before I was born and Aunt Al died in a tragic fire before my first visit to Maine…. my Mom told me so many stories about Jimmy’s Diner — since Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Al never had any children, my Mom was showered with their affection…
    This is just so strange since I have no living relatives….

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