Jimmy’s Diner No. 1 – Auburn, Maine

You may remember my post of Jimmy’s Diner a few months ago, tracing postcard images of it through the decades. Now I have proper pictures of the place. Well- kind of. Somewhere underneath all of what’s there now still lies an early 1930s diner of indeterminate manufacture. It’s been covered since the ’60s and really and truly covered since the ’80s or so. The gas station is still there, too, but like the diner, it’s sprouted additions every which way that render the entire complex almost unrecognizable. Unfortunately, all the windows are boarded over so no interior shots / no way to identify the builder of the diner (on site, Mor-Lan, one of the big name companies). I would assume, however, that when they re-did the exterior for the last, and most drastic time, that whatever was left of the interior was obliterated.

In these first two pictures, the location of the original door is still visible, along with the later (’50s/’60s) horizontal windows, which enlarged the original ’30s style tall narrow ones. The roof and porch really do a lot to disguise the diner lineage of the building.


The back-side of the diner portion of Jimmy’s. Ignore, if you will, the roof and tack-on chimney, and this gives you a sense of the size of the diner.

Dead signage

The former gas station portion of the complex.


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