Stone Tavern – Little Tavern – Baltimore, MD

Little Tavern Shops Baltimore No. 4 opened March 21, 1931. It closed in 1932 due to a lease problem. As I understand it, the building was renovated shortly after. Little Taverns had an an overall form taking design cues from Tudor architecture, but with modern detailing and materials. This location was “un-modernized”. The slick porcelain enamel exterior was covered over with stone. The modern interior was redone in a palate of wood, with false beams.

Since this location only lasted in the Little Tavern chain for a year or less, I haven’t been able to track down any photos of it while it was operating as a part of the chain. So instead of a true “before” picture, I give you Washington No. 16, built in 1936.

The Stone Tavern as it appears now. The form is still unmistakably Little Tavern. The square rooftop sign support posts of early Taverns are still visible. While the chain locations for the most part had their windows enlarged from a three or four section unit to plate glass, this one still has more-or less what it would have come with originally. It looks like the side windows may have been reduced in size at the time of the renovation.

Again, with a lack of period photos from this location, an interior shot from Washington No. 13, built in 1935, will have to do as a substitute.

The interior has several layers of renovations done over the years. The stone and wood walls appear to be the oldest, with the counter, stools and floor coming in at a later date. Compare this to the “before” picture, though, and you will see how in-tact this location is, all things considered. Original booths, original hardware, original floorplan, and some original backbar equipment.

Current interior photos come courtesy David B. Stinson, whose book, Deadball, recently hit the shelves.


In 1936, a mere four years after Baltimore No. 4’s closing, another Little Tavern, Baltimore No. 7, opened up almost directly across the Street. This newer location was featured in John Waters’s “Female Trouble”

Baltimore No. 4 at bottom left, Baltimore No. 7 at upper right.

Baltimore No. 7 at lower left, Baltimore No. 4 at upper right.


3 thoughts on “Stone Tavern – Little Tavern – Baltimore, MD

  1. My Grandfather owned the Stone Tavern in Baltimore along with 9 other restaurants, including Love’s during the depression!

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