The Carlisle Diner – Carlisle, PA

Here’s another diner which looks like it’s still be with us. The Carlisle Diner was a Ward and Dickinson owned by R.F. Shetler, who also owned Hagerstown’s Dixie Diner. The diner originally operated at 118 W. High St., Carlisle, but was moved around the corner to 10 N. Pitt St. at some point in the 1930s. At this N. Pitt St. location, it was integrated into a larger building, flanked by two side entryways, and covered with a roof. It looks like the rear “Grill” section was an existing building.

At a later point, a further addition, in the tudor half-timbered style of the flanking building was added onto the front of the structure. The location is still there, and is still quite identifiable. The condition, and how much of the original Ward dining car is still inside the location, currently operating as “Alibi’s”, is impossible to tell without further investigation.



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