Edgewood Diner, Edgewood, MD

Another diner find. Another diner that has more than likely been butchered nearly out of existence.

The Edgewood Diner is located near the corner of Edgewood Road and Rt. 40 in Edgewood, Maryland. It was started by former Carnival trouper James A. O’Keefe. By the 1960s, it was owned by “Reva and Clint”. It’s currently doing business as a used car lot.



11 thoughts on “Edgewood Diner, Edgewood, MD

  1. I actually grew up in Edgewood. The building that was shown was the location of Drago’s Restaurant, not the Edgewood Diner. Drago’s lasted almost 20 years after the diner went to memory lane. The corner it occupied is now a gas station and McDonald’s. My family owned the first Subway in Harford County, located diagonally across Rt. 40.

    • I grew up in Edgewood and worked in my family’s Drago’s Restaurant. Margaret is correct about the photo. Drago’s Restaurant featured Italian foods and closed in 1974.

  2. The last photo shows “Drago’s Spaghetti House”, or at least what it looks like today. The sign shown on the Drago’s building is original, although all of the neon and chasing incandescent lighting is now gone. Drago’s sat nearly diagonally across from the Edgewood Diner, which was demolished in 1972 and the land sold to McDonalds Corporation. Clint and Reva Shultz owned it until the end. Edgewood Diner had a facelift about 1955 which is not shown on these postcards. I have yet to find a photo of it after that period, but I plan on contacting the Shultz’s son Clinton, who I went to school with.my parents were friends with the Shultz’s, and we purchased the 1955 Seeburg model 100-J jukebox that was used in the diner from Clint and Reva’s home for $75 in 1973. I remember in the late 60s/early 70s that they had Rockola music equipment placed into service by United Automatic Sales of Aberdeen. The interior of the diner was pretty much original to the end, and was a huge loss of a vintage diner. The Harford County Sherrifs had an office set up in the back of the diner, until they built their new Headquarters at 45 S. Main Street in Bel Air, MD about 1960. P.S. Hi Margaret, tell Mike I said hello!

    • the edgewood diner was also the official grayhound bus stop in edgewood. i remember as a young soldier getting off the bus in jan 1962 waiting transportation to the army chemical center down edgewood road. the diner had a side enterance facing edgewood road and had a blue light mounted outside on a pole that either rotated or blinked to show the passing bus drivers that they had a passenger waiting.

    • John, I grew up in Edgewood from 1961 to 1979. My father owned Triplett’s Citgo on the corner of Hanson and Edgewood Road. Clint and Reva Shultz bought gas at our station. Dad would take our family to eat at The Edgewood diner about once every two weeks. It is so neat that you mentioned the juke boxes that were in the diner. I got my love for music from those juke boxes in the early to late 60s. I was just sitting here thinking about all the cool songs contained on those 45s. Thinking about all those dimes I put in those juke boxes. God Bless, Harlon Triplett, retired Army Chaplain

      • I was TDY at Edgewood Arsenal during the summer of 1974 and had taken a girl (Nina Powers) that I had met from Joppa to eat there once and if I remember correctly it was pretty good. In fact her and I visited several more times in the coming years. That TDY trip was a great experience for me, not only did I continue to spend 22 years in the Army, her and I will celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary this year.

  3. Clint and Rev were my Uncle and Aunt. They are both gone now and the children moved to California. They are correct about the location. The diner was where McDonalds now stands. I wish I had better memories of it.

  4. I remember that place very well. My parents worked there as well as other family members. My father was a short order cook there. I wish it had stayed open. It would be so busy now…I miss old places like that.

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