Little Tavern- Louisville Crew

The Little Tavern chain was started in 1927 by Harry F. Duncan. Five locations were built in Louisville, Kentucky before the chain expanded to Washington and Baltimore. It would seem that after the 1930s, the chain focused the majority of its attention on expansion and development of its east coast locations, and the Louisville locations were sold.

If anyone has more information on these Kentucky locations, or on any of these employees, please, leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

This was the Louisville Little Tavern employee list as of late 1936.
For Louisville locations, see here.

Row 1
Merlin G. Bauer (b. 9/22/1905, d. 2/17/2000) – Louisville manager, started March 1928. Moved to Washington to open first location, returning to KY. Later worked for 30 years for Tommy Borders Wholesale Meats.
Max Beale – started 1936
Marshall DeVore – started 1933 or 1934. Managed the Laurel, MD location starting 1939. Married to Catherine DeVore (springgate)

Row 2
Elbert Downey (b. 10/8/1903, d. 2/3/1942) – started 1933
Cellan Gotte – started 1936
Harold W. Headrick (b. 7/15/1912, d. 10/12/1988) – started May 1935

Row 3
Leonard Higdon (b. 12/27/1907 d.?) – started 1930. Later owner of “Little Castle” chain in Louisville
L. Hugh Jones – started May 1930
Thomas Lanham

Row 4
Jeff O. Lewis – started April 18, 1928
J. T. Lewis –
Clarence Lloyd (b. 12/21/1903 d.7/1/1975) – painting, repair, counterman. 1928 to 1932, 1936-

Row 5
Howard Yates – started 1935
Merlin G. Bauer – see above

Other Little Tavern employees from Louisville I have found named
L.H. Jones- robbed in 1933 and 1936 at location no. 2
Louis Hayden – robbed in 1942 no. 3
E.B. Downing – robbed in 1935 at no. 3
John W. Osborn (Osbourne?) – robbed in 1934 at no. 1
Henry Lake – robbed in 1933 at no. 5
Joseph Billingham – robbed in 1939 at no. 3
Clarence Lloyd – robbed in 1934 at no. 5
Herman A. Parris – robbed in 1931 at no. 4
Carl C. Taylor – robbed in 1929 at no. 1, in 1932 at no. 3, in 1934 at no. no. 2
George Gash – robbed in 1934 at no. 2
R.C. Clements – robbed in 1930 at no. 5
Clifford Whilener – sent drunk customer to hospital in 1933 at no. 5
Elbert B. Downey – robbed in 1934 at no. 2
Leonard Higdon- robbed in 1932 at no. 2


4 thoughts on “Little Tavern- Louisville Crew

  1. Clarence Lloyd was my grandfather he and Jeff Lewis purchased a couple of the Louisville stores. Later my grandfather sold his part and worked at Jeff Boat and the Ford car plant in Louisville after WW2. My uncle would know more of the details

    • Hi, Tom,
      What happened after LT pulled out of Louisville has been one of my big mysteries. I’d love to know more!

      Do you know which ones they bought or what they changed the name to?

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