Little Tavern – Office Staff


Row 1
Harry F. Duncan (b.1899, d. 1992) – Founder and president of Little Tavern.

“Jake” – Paul H. Hoddinott (b.1909, d. 2002) – started April 6, 1931 – formerly with the Washington Gas Light Co. At Little Tavern, organized baseball and basketball teams, editor for “Urn and Griddle” Magazine (anyone out there have a copy of one?) Accountant for Little Tavern Shops, Inc.

“Bob Mc” – Robert F. McFadden (b.1907, d.1990) – started July 1, 1927. Went on to become president of Little Tavern. Cousin of Harry Duncan. Full post/obituary here.

Row 2

“Pat” – Patricia Mancuso- Started c. 1933 – private secretary to Harry F. Duncan

Helen Pruitt – Started 1935/1936. In charge of twice- monthly reports.

Row 3
Vivian M. Chapman (b.1918, d. 1995) – Started 1935. Graded performance of individual locations, in charge of food bills, typist.

Loretta Lee – Started 1936.

“Kitty” – Katheryn J. Smyser – started April 21, 1930 – in charge of payroll


2 thoughts on “Little Tavern – Office Staff

  1. These are amazing photos. Where in the world are you digging them up from? I hope you plan on publishing the history of LT some day (and when I say publish I mean as a good old-fashioned book)!

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