S. Cremona and Company

S. Cremona made postcards advertising a variety of renovation/build-out services for bars, restaurants, banquet halls, Chinese restaurants, Delis, and other food service establishments.

At some point they also renovated old diners. I’d be very interested to know how many and which diners they did. Anyone recognize the one from this postcard?



1 thought on “S. Cremona and Company

  1. I was doing a search on S Cremona because I have a bar he designed and built in my basement. The original owner of my home was a Yonkers NY contractor and he must’ve commissioned Cremona to build out his basement in the early 70’s (including tables and chairs). Its a great bar and can share pics. Growing up in this house, friends used to say my basement looked like a 70’s lounge. I’m actually renovating the basement due to water damaged walls but the bar is staying as its a show-piece. That bar itself is not budging and was looking for Cremona or someone to tell me how to move it temporarily while I re-floor the basement. there’s no obvious screws or bolts into the floor.

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