The Amherst Diner – Winchester, Virginia

Some photos from when I first visited the Amherst Diner, six years ago. Purely by chance, my father and I hit it on the day of their grand re-opening. I was interviewed for the Winchester Star. An excerpt from the story appears below.

A Maryland teen with the day off from school dug into some sausage gravy on Wednesday during his first visit to the Amherst.
Spencer Stewart, 15, of Olney, didn’t know he had appeared on the first day of Ashby’s tenure.
His father Michael, an architectural photographer, took photos and served as the driver for their Winchester excursion, which was slated to include the Piccadilly Grill, Snow White Grill, and perhaps the Triangle Diner.
He likes the food, and said he is interested in them because they’re disappearing.
He and his father often take day trips to eateries within two or three hours of their home, and they’ve also taken longer excursions along the East Coast.
Spencer is now filling his third journal’s worth of notes on diners.
And while Spencer may revisit the Amherst in the future, patrons such as Swartz and Heishman plan on appearing at the counter every morning.
“As long as they stay open, we’ll be here,” Heishman said.



The Amherst diner is an old on-site family restaurant. I wouldn’t count it as a on-site built diner, because it does not conform to the aesthetic of factory built diners.


1 thought on “The Amherst Diner – Winchester, Virginia

  1. I’ve hit your site a number of times and your stuff is right up my alley. I love all things “retro” but diners were my first love. We live in the Winchester, VA area and frequent the Amherst Diner (ate there yesterday), Snow White Grill (had a shake there today) and will hit the Triangle Diner if they ever get it re-opened! We – Big Legends – are producing a retro themed DVD right now which i hope will be out this summer. Gotta tell you, I’m quite impressed with your level of research (I know how much time this stuff takes)! … John Flood

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