Morin’s Castle Hamburgers – New Orleans, LA

Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA. Signage is very similar to what Little Tavern was using in the late 1920s.


5 thoughts on “Morin’s Castle Hamburgers – New Orleans, LA

  1. Later on in 70s purchased by Kenny Ryal then by Bonnie (known as Summer Moon) who also owned For Mad Men Only around the corner from Shakey Jake’s. It was an 8 seat diner with a cigarette machine and a pinball machine. Morin’s Castle backed on the french market which made it a play ground for all the critters that lived among the produce. I worked there for quite a while – 75-78, the pay was $10 a shift. Mostly it was known for being open all night, the doors didn’t have a lock on them.

    • I worked at Morin’s (3rd shift) for several months in 1971. Mostly 3rd shift was boring, but it got pretty busy about 2:00am when all the Quarter streetsweepers came in for breakfast after their shift ended. Things got busy again about 4:00am when all the hookers working the quarter’s streets came in for breakfast. I loved those ladies of the evening – they were the best tippers in NOLA and I made more in tips from them in an hours time than I made in wages ($10) for the entire shift. I usually averaged $25-$30 a shift (wages and tips) all in cash – which wasn’t too bad for NOLA in the early 70’s.

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