The signs of Butte, MT

I love Butte. It’s about 85 miles west of me, which in Montana terms is a hop skip and a jump. ¬†Every time I go, I comb the streets and always find new and interesting things and always leave with the feeling that I’ve barely scratched the surface. ¬†Butte is a city of hidden treasures, of tucked away secrets, of back rooms and second stories.

 photo butte signs.jpg

White Tower Sign

I made the drive down from Maryland to Midlothian VA today to pick this up.

This neon sign was previously mounted on Richmond White Tower No. 1, which was located at 223 East Grace Street. It was originally built in 1939, and remodeled in 1960, which is probably when this sign was installed. The building is still there. It’s been de-towered, and painted, but it’s still recognizable.


The Penn Diner – New York City

I just got this (probably) 1950s slide of New York City’s Penn Diner. It replaced an older barrel roof model, but the neon transferred. The caption on the slide is in Japanese.